Eleanor Michael

Eleanor Michael was born during the war years in London to an Austrian mother and a Greek Cypriot father. She was educated and worked in England until 1967 when she moved to Cyprus and subsequently married a Greek Cypriot businessman.

While in Cyprus, she accidentally discovered the HQ of the terrorist faction intent on destabilizing the government, and killing the President. This event leads to a Military Coup which provoked the invasion of the country by Turkish forces in the summer of 1974, who then captured over a third of the Island.

She was eventually evacuated but returned at the end of hostilities to the upheaval of starting up a once thriving business in the chaotic environment of a war torn Island. On the death some time later of her husband, she returned to England.

Eleanor remarried and moved to the Algarve in Portugal where she has now lived for over 30 years. During those years, she was inspired by an authoress friend to write a novel about her experiences in Cyprus during that dramatic period of its history.

Eleanor always loved books and had been an avid reader from a very early age. She never imagined that so many years later she would actually write her story as a novel that would be read by friends and strangers too.